Saturday, September 11, 2010

Fall TV ~ What I'm Watching

The leaves are turning colours (already) and even though we haven't had much of a summer, fall is indeed upon us. I actually really like fall, despite the fact that winter follows shortly after. I like boots and cozy sweaters (and school supplies - I know I'm a little strange), but mostly I like fall because of the new fall tv season! And oh boy, what a season! I am not going to have enough time to watch everything right away, but there are a few shows I think I'll be watching as soon as they finish on my computer. So, here's the daily breakdown of what I'm going to try to watch this year, and how excited I am for each show.

Chuck - 'must-see'
How I Met Your Mother - wait until I'm bored (does that ever happen anymore?)
Gossip Girl - middle of the pack
Mike & Molly - new show with some promise
Lone Star - new show as well - has had good reviews
Castle - 'must-see'

Glee - 'must-see'
No Ordinary Family - I've watched the pilot - liked it a lot - will watch quickly
Life Unexpected - middle of the pack
The Good Wife - middle of the pack
Sanctuary - 'must-see'

Cougar Town - 'must-see' (it's a good show, ok - don't judge me)
Hellcats - middle of the pack, but it's already airing, so I'll probably watch it right away at first because nothing else is on
Terriers - same as Hellcats

Thursday (holy moly Thursday is busy)
The Vampire Diaries - 'must-see' Soooo good
The Big Bang Theory - 'must-see'
Community - 'must-see'
Bones - 'must-see'
30 Rock - middle of the pack
Grey's Anatomy - middle of the pack
Nikita - good new show - still middle of the pack
The Mentalist - middle of the pack
Private Practice - middle of the pack
Burn Notice - 'must-see', at least until I see how the cliffhanger resolves (but doesn't start back up until Nov)

Smallville - middle of the pack (probably should watch the season finale)
Human Target - middle of the pack
Medium - middle of the pack
Supernatural - 'must-see'

Desperate Housewives - is this still going? Oh yeah, Brian Austin Green - still middle of the pack
Boardwalk Empire - should be good - probably still middle of the pack
Walking Dead - starts Oct 31, probably watch the first one right away

Also, if anyone was wondering about the SyFy movie Red with Felicia Day it's airing Oct 30.

S0 that's my breakdown of the new season. The official start of the fall season is September 20. Happy tv watching!

Monday, September 6, 2010


Today we said goodbye to a special person in my family... It was a sad day, but also a time to reflect on the many ways she shaped our lives. I believe that she is at peace now, after struggling these past couple months.

I have so many fond memories of my Grandma. I spent a lot of time at her house when I was a kid. When we lived in Dunleath, I would go over there sometimes before and after school while my parents were at work. And after we moved to Medicine Hat I spent several summers at their house, before they moved to the Hat too. Those summers were the most fun... my cousins would come out and we would go camping, bottle picking, or maybe go to town to the mall. But before the boys came, I mostly hung out with Grandma. We'd play games, or do puzzles, make donuts... or even burn garbage. She could make anything fun. One time we tried to make paper like I saw on tv... it didn't work, but it was still fun. I have such vivid memories of those times, and I'm so thankful for that.

Grandma... I hope you knew how much I loved you and how much you meant to so many people. You're with the angels now... rest in peace.

Love, your granddaughter. @-}-