Friday, August 6, 2010

Great Shows That Aren't On Network TV

Summer is here and that means the big networks (NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX and to a lesser extent The CW) are flooding the airwaves with re-runs and reality shows. In recent years, the cable channels have stepped up to fill the gap of quality scripted programs. And now some of my favourite shows air on channels like Lifetime. Here are some of the shows that I'm watching now.

HBO - The bigshot of the cable channels, they pretty much started the push for off-network programming. Past shows include Sex and the City, Deadwood, Rome, etc
Current show: True Blood (a fav of mine for over-the-top blood and sex campiness)

AMC - doing well with big hit Mad Men. New show Rubicon, which I haven't watched, appears to be a snore

ABC Family - an offshoot of ABC, target audience appears to be teenage girls Past shows include Kyle XY
Current shows: Huge (about teenagers at fat camp), Pretty Little Liars (the breakout hit of the summer - kind of like The Vampire Diaries without vampires, but with creepy stalker texts)

Showtime - Weeds (hope it's better than last season) Upcoming: The Big C looks good too.

FX - Rescue Me (although I haven't watched in a few years) and Justified (Timothy Olyphant knows how to wear a cowboy hat... yum... oh and he is a federal marshall)

Syfy - stupid rebranding aside, I generally watch everything on this channel. Next year, looking forward to movie reimagining of Little Red Riding Hood called Red, starring my fav Felicia Day.
Shows include: Warehouse 13, Eureka, Haven
A fall show that I'm looking forward to (and was a summer show last year) is Sanctuary.

TNT - One of my favourite shows is Leverage, in it's 3rd season.

Lifetime - Great fluff show Drop Dead Diva.

USA - new show Covert Affairs seems pretty decent so far.
Also, I watched 4 seasons of Psych in a couple of weeks.. I really enjoyed that. And I'm just starting Burn Notice... not sure how I feel about that one yet. Other shows I have yet to see on that channel that I might get around to: White Collar and Royal Pains

On a side note, we recently cancelled our satellite service, but since I was already downloading all of my shows, it doesn't really matter anyway. :)

Happy TV watching!

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