Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Crafting Goodies From Vacation

We went on a family road trip to Vancouver Island last week.  We visited Joey's family and saw lots of sights, and a highlight for me was finding some cool craft stuff that I can't get in the Hat.
Here's my haul...

From left to right: Needle felting supplies (needles and two bags of felting fibre), Debbie Bliss Lace yarn in a gorgeous blue color, two (50% Fine Merino, 30% Baby Camel Hair, and 20% Kid Mohair) balls of yarn and a shawl pin.  In the very middle is a yarn bowl.
Everything but the bowl was from http://www.ingridsyarn.com/, Ingrid's Yarn & Needlework in Duncan, BC.  I made a special trip to that store and I was glad I did.  I wanted to get needle felting supplies and she was very knowledgable and helpful so that was great.

If you don't know what a yarn bowl is, well... you put your ball of yarn in it and feed your yarn end through the little dip thingie there and then your yarn doesn't roll all over the place.  Cool, heh?  The only problem is I don't know where to put it so it doesn't get broken...  Currently it's sitting on my dresser, home to steampunk fuzzy lamb.

I bought the bowl from a local artist (Barbara Strachan bstrac@shaw.ca from her business card), in the store Pyromania Pottery www.pyromaniapottery.ca in Coombs, BC, where they have goats living on the roofs of the stores.  Yup, goats.  On the roof.  Anyway, it was purely a happy coincidence to find a bowl, but it is my favourite purchase.  :)

Here are a couple of close-ups of my various goodies.

The camel yarn is definitely the most exotic, and I hope I can find a good project for it.  :)

I will be putting up lots of pictures of our trip on my Facebook page, but I thought some of my crafty friends would appreciate this.

Happy to be home!

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